Hoarders Paradise – Graduate Collection


My graduate collection consisted of 6 menswear outfits which were heavily inspired by hoarding, the everyday and the comfort that hoarders find in collecting objects and possessions.

I created vinyl prints inspired by the hoarding of household objects such as tea towels and cleaning cloths, elevating these humble items into a modern plaid which featured on shirts, wide shorts and outerwear. I also used the tea towels in their raw form to add elements of texture and comfort to the collection. I’ve always loved developing new techniques of fabrication to update fabrics and give a more modern look whilst juxtaposing this with older sewing techniques such as embroidery and patchwork.

I always do lots of development work and stand work inspired by my concept imagery – I love using collage throughout this process to try and exhaust one base idea into 10 or more highly developed and though through ideas. 

My work and concepts are highly influenced by artists and photographers as I’ve always been drawn to people who convey and capture emotions and moods – and they also provide great colour and print inspiration.

After my collection was shown at GFW I was also featured in Vogue Italia’s Emerging Designers, various blogs as well as Debut Magazine which were all amazing exposure and experience which gave me extra confidence to pursue my MA at Kingston University this September.


You can see more of my work, other university projects and inspirations on my Instagram @sophiealiciabaileymenswear and my arts thread profile http://www.artsthread.com/profile/sophiebailey